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Philips: Digital dictation and optional integrated speech recognition for discriminating professionals.

Dictation solutions can be complex and confusing. Too often, law firms, insurance companies and other professional users require a solution that is simple, cost-effective, and easily deployed.

Philips speaks to this need with a wide variety of solutions geared at simplfying and improving workflow. As a recognized leader in dictation products for decades, Philips knows what authors and transcriptionists need to work smarter.

SpeechExec Enterprise integrates dictation, transcription, and optional speech recognition in one clean, simple package. Competitively priced, Philips SpeechExec Enterprise offers tremendous value and a wealth of features:

  • Integration to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional Edition and Legal Edition.
  • The ability to choose, with each job, whether to dictate conventionally or use speech recognition.
  • Smart speech recognition workflow that allows front-end correction by the author, or back-end correction by the secretary - and that allows the decision to be made while the author is creating the document.
  • Powerful, flexible dictation and transcription software that processes and manages voice files from a wide variety of dictation tools.
  • Straightforward, rules-based workflow, with optional scheduling and email notifications.
  • Centralized administration of user settings, job information settings, and licenses.
  • Support for Microsoft's Active Directory Services.
  • Optional modules to track performance statistics and volume, exchange dictation files and associated documents via the Web, and administer remote handheld recorders and SpeechMikes.

Philips also provides the author with a wealth of options for dictating into the system:

  • PC software, with a Philips SpeechMike or mouse and headset.
  • Dictation software for Android, Blackberry and iPhone.
  • Philips and Olympus handheld recorders, including the new and very powerful Philips DPM 8000.
  • Telephone dictation (third-party option).
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As a Philips Master Digital Center (e), Office Data Systems is one of just a handful of dealers in the Northeast to carry the entire Philips product line, including SpeechExec Enterprise. As a dealer bearing this distinction, we can offer professional services related to SpeechExec Enterprise installation, training and ongoing support.

Of course, we also carry the rest of the Philips dictation and transcription product line, including:

  • SpeechExec Pro dictation and transcription software.
  • SpeechExec Mobile - smartphone dictation, with hosted or on-site routing server.
  • Digital Pocket Memo handheld recorders.
  • SpeechMike microphones.
  • Conference, lapel and other microphones for digital handheld recorders.
  • Transcription foot pedals and headsets.

Whatever your requirements are, let us assist you in finding the right solution for your firm.

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