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iRecord: simple, powerful interview recording for law enforcement and child advocacy centers.

In the battle to strengthen cases and win prosecutions, it is continually proven that a video recording of police interviews are one of the strongest tools a law enforcement agency can provide.

iRecord has known this for nearly ten years. While less expensive - and less effective - solutions flood the marketplace, they have remained true to a single guiding mission: to deliver the highest quality, most simply operated video recording, archival and distribution platform on the market. It's a guiding principle that has resulted in hundreds of iRecord installations nationwide.

What sets iRecord apart from DVRs and other recording platforms?

The iRecord Software

  • The simple iRecord interface means that system users can review, annotate, and distribute video more easily than with standard DVRs, with no danger of disturbing the original file.
  • Multiple levels of security, a defined audit trail that captures and documents access to each file, and an option to separate recordings by department all protect the contents of the iRecord system from unauthorized users.
  • iRecord records each interview twice, in both Windows Media and MPEG-2 formats. These non-proprietary formats ensure that iRecord videos can be played anywhere, on any player or computer, without the need for additional, sometimes buggy software.
  • Notes fields allow personal clickable "bookmarks" to be placed on the video, to easily access key points of the video during later review.
  • Optional network integration that allows long-term file storage on Storage Area Networks, aggregation of videos in a central repository (Enterprise), access to videos for playing/annotation/burning on authorized LAN/VPN workstations, and live monitoring of interviews on authorized workstations.
  • Features such as real-time DVD burning of interviews and redaction customize the iRecord platform to your department's specific requirements.
  • Automatic disc spanning technology breaks long interviews up over multiple DVDs, without manually separating the file as many DVRs require.
  • iRecord Free Player, included with each Windows Media video burned, allows viewing of the video - with bookmarks - by other users without additional software.

iRecord Architecture

  • Each durable iRecord server will support up to four rooms of simultaneous recording, depending on your needs. Moreover, because our servers utilize standard PC hardware, future repair costs are minimized.
  • iRecord software is based on the familiar and comfortable Windows operating platform.
  • Covert cameras and microphones allow your facility to determine whether or not subjects are aware of recording.
  • Available dry contact switches enable one-touch recording start and stop without accessing the server.

iRecord Models

iRecord is available in several models, including:

  • Single-room (iRecord ONE)
  • Single-room with network integration (iRecord Essential)
  • 1-4 room server without network integration (iRecord Lite)
  • 1-4 room server with network integration (iRecord Professional)
  • Central repository that retains and distributes videos from multiple networked iRecord servers (iRecord Enterprise)

The best way to appreciate iRecord is to see it and use it. Please contact us for a demonstration at your facility or via the Internet.

Brochures (in separate window):
iRecord for Public Safety
iRecord for Child Advocacy Centers