Office Data Systems, Inc.

Our Philosophy

Many companies offer products. They sell software or hardware to address a specific need, without taking a broader view of how an organization operates or looking for ways to make them more efficient. This is an easy way to make money, but it's not a very effective strategy for helping clients.

We provide solutions.

A true solution uses software and hardware as ingredients, but blends them with knowledge, careful study, experience, and dedication. The right solution addresses organizational challenges, makes users more productive and efficient, and provides a road map for future growth.

At Office Data Systems, we are specialists that furnish total solutions in the markets we serve. Our clients range from major law enforcement agencies, healthcare facilities and law firms to small, family-owned transcription services. We devote our resources to you because we know that the time we spend with you enhances our ability to assess and answer your needs efficiently. We believe that every client, no matter their size, is important and worthy of our best effort.

Our Solutions

Office Data Systems offers the following innovative solutions through our partners:

  • Dolbey: medical speech recognition, computer-assisted coding, digital dictation systems, and ICD-10 tools.
  • Philips: integrated, simple digital dictation and speech recognition for legal, insurance, public safety, and general business users.
  • iRecord: Windows-based video recording, archiving, and distribution system, used predominantly by law enforcement but adaptable to other applications.

Talk To Us

If you're ready to begin planning your own solution, you can visit our Contact page to send us an e-mail, or simply call us on (518) 786-6531.