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Dolbey: Medical speech recognition that is 2012 Best in KLAS.

When you implement speech recognition for your facility, it has to perform - consistently, accurately, every time. The platform has to be scalable, to grow with you, and cost-effective enough to deliver a real, measurable return on investment.

Enter the wide range of speech recognition solutions from Dolbey.

When Dolbey created their speech recognition offering, they used a text platform with over twenty years of development as the base for their speech recognition products. They selected a speech engine that caters exclusively to the medical field. They labored over, and ultimately incorporated, the structure and tools that make physicians productive.

Dolbey then took a step that distinguished their speech platform from the rest of the industry: they built a single, fully integrated system that addresses a facility's entire speech recognition infrastructure.

Many competing speech recognition technologies are built on disparate technologies. If you want back-end speech recognition, you buy one platform. If you want front-end, you buy a second platform. If your physicians use front-end speech recognition to populate an EMR, and then use the hospital's dictation system to dictate documents for back-end recognition and correcting, you're purchasing two licenses. Multiple platforms, multiple licenses - it just doesn't make sense. The support costs alone could almost drive the purchase of a new system.

Dolbey's answer is simple. A core set of infrastructure components drive speech recognition: front-end, back-end, or both. A single physician speech license can be used for front-end applications, back-end recognition, or both. Once the platform is installed, your facility can add speech recognition technology in stages, allowing your return on investment to finance expansion.

Dolbey's users have endorsed these efforts with a resounding vote of confidence. Their feedback propelled Dolbey's Fusion SpeechEMR/Expert front-end speech recognition solution to a "2012 Best in KLAS" rating by KLAS Research, a company known for impartial reviews of medical technology based on user input. For more information, please visit their web site at (loads in separate window).

Simply put, Dolbey's speech recognition solutions make sense for your facility, right now and in the future.

Fusion Speech Recognition Products

Dolbey's Fusion line of speech recognition products ensures that you can bring the power of speech to each part of your facility.

  • Fusion SpeechEMR: intuitive, powerful front-end (self-edited) speech recognition for use with EMRs, pathology applications, and virtually any other medical application that requires text input.
  • Fusion Expert: robust, feature-rich front-end speech recognition with interfacing capabilities and a simple user interface, typically used in radiology.
  • Fusion Speech: back-end speech recognition that introduces the efficiencies of speech recognition without the active participation of the medical staff.
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Fusion SpeechEMR
Fusion Expert
Fusion Speech