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Dolbey ICD-10 Tools: Closing the loop between dictation and effective coding.

Implementing ICD-10 is a tremendous challenge. Fortunately, Dolbey Fusion Voice users have two very strong tools at their disposal to close the gap between physician communication of procedures and the ICD-10 PCS coding requirements.


DocAssist uses simple queries to prompt the physician to provide the greater degree of specificity required for ICD-10 coding. Whether the information is prompted via Dolbey�s advanced interactive voice response and natural language understanding system for telephone dictation, or whether �say and type� pull-down menus are used by speech recognition and PC dictation users, the bottom line is simple: more information without relying solely on speech recognition or retraining physicians.

Of course, some doctors will need more help than others in learning to provide ICD-10-appropriate dictation. That�s why DocAssist can utilize documentation scoring from CDI and coding queries and other quality metrics available in Dolbey�s Fusion CAC� product to determine how often the DocAssist system intervenes for an individual user. For facilities that do not use the Dolbey computer-assisted coding product, scoring and system intervention frequency can be accomplished manually, based upon individual IDs and work types. In either case, management reports detail the system�s efforts and successes.

Extended Query Link�

Coding and documentation improvement staff rely on queries to extract more detail on a specific case from a physician. Too often, these queries are manual and paper-based, resulting in a management headache.

When Extended Query Link (EQL) is deployed in conjunction with Fusion Voice dictation and Fusion CAC computer-assisted coding, the query process is automatic , interactive and simple. Queries are generated in Fusion CAC and passed along to Fusion Voice. Physicians who log in to the Fusion Voice system or its related peripherals are presented with a combination of telephone alerts and web-based queries (telephone dictation) or queries directly in the software (PC dictation and speech recognition), which they can then answer quickly and efficiently. It really is that simple.

The process is completed in Fusion CAC, where staff is alerted to answered queries and charts that are on hold awaiting answers are reactivated. Management dashboards provide useful information on the number of outstanding queries and those that have been answered, as well as information on which physicians are queried most often and the timeliness and completeness of their responses.

By fostering more complete dictation and closing the loop between dictation and coding, there is a significantly better chance of achieving accurate coding and billing. DocAssist and Extended Query Link are excellent ways to maximize an investment in Fusion tools to achieve those goals.

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