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Dolbey Fusion Voice and Atom: Complete, scalable, easily managed digital dictation.

Fusion Voice is a strong digital dictation platform that can serve an important role in professional reporting. Use it to manage and archive digital dictation, or take advantage of the platform to collect files for processing with Dolbey speech recognition.

Benefitting from Microsoft's powerful SQL Server as the database core, Fusion Voice supplies unparalleled workflow for authors and transcriptionists alike. Combined with open Windows architecture, rules-based routing, strong security and audit tracking, and convenient ways to enter and retrieve dictations, this system can lower costs and increase productivity.

Fusion Atom brings much of the same technology - with many of the same efficiencies - to smaller facilities with less stringent requirements.

More tools to dictate.

Dolbey offers a wide variety of tools to dictate into the Fusion system:

  • Fusion Dictate/Atom Dictate: simple, intuitive dictation using a PC. Dictate with a Philips SpeechMike, integrated microphone, or foot pedal and boom microphone. Use voice normals, integrate to PACS (Fusion only), and input critical record information.
  • Telephony: dial-in telephony functionality, including the ability to input record information using touch tones. This system can also be configured for listen access, in which other professionals with proper permissions can access dictations without altering them.
  • Philips Digital Recorders: feature-rich, ultraportable digital recorders that capture high-quality sound and work seamlessly with the Dolbey system.
  • Fusion Mobile: Philips software that captures dictations on iPhones, Blackberries, or Androids, and routes them to the Fusion Voice system through the Philips Dictation Hub or an on-premise server.

Transcribe from anywhere.

Dolbey offers a wide variety of tools to dictate into the Fusion system:

  • Fusion Player: powerful software for playback of voice files, over a LAN or VPN connection. Supports USB foot pedals and a multitude of headsets.
  • Transcription Stations: telephone-based playback stations that can be used anywhere a phone line is available.
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